On a scale of Dr. Who to The X-Files, where does Supernatural fall? Is it worth watching?? 

(Not very impressed with Dr. Who, but I worship at the altar of Chris Carter if that helps.)

All I know is that my rap name would be Yung Pituitary Gland.


Michael Cheval

There are only a few inches left of this bottle of wine. I am the only person who has been drinking it. Srsly, send me some weird shit. 

Come on, guys. Send me some weird shit. What’s the point of this blog if not to connect with fellow weirdos?

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hey lady, I hope you’re doing well! I enjoyed seeing photos of your travels. Highlights? - b

Hii!! (I always forget that people I actually know IRL follow this blog, haha.) I was only in Germany for a week, but it was awesome. Harry and I toured a couple castles and checked out some art museums, so it was pretty fun. I hope you are doing well. Also, I feel super pathetic because I am already becoming nostalgic for our undergrad days even though it was mere months ago. Plz tell me you are feeling the same way, even if only a little bit. 

Anonymous: R u an reptillian???



Ciruelo Cabral, The Dungeon

Tristam Lansdowne

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Drunk. Just send me messages. I want to talk to you guys.